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The Joker is the main antagonist of the 2008 graphic novel of the same name. He is a somewhat darker and more realistic depiction of the traditional Joker who is bent on reclaiming his criminal empire. 1 Biography 2 Gallery 3 Trivia 4 Navigation Jonny Frost, a low-level thug, is sent toArkham…

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stole turf bizarre sense reputation Informed Two-Face crime boss split personality evading talk enraged trashes phone one own henchmen sets fire next day detained warns kill Subsequently late Joker’s meeting Riddler disabled weapons dealer They exchange briefcase leaves Once road crew shot at off-duty cops hired saves scuffle war against prompting meet zoo brings got from says has learned two wives threatens use contents leverage becomes hostile attacks shards broken glass glued fingertips When Dent’s men raise their guns disguised ape cage expertly shoots each head After helping get Shelly rapes her them since cheated revealing Later paints bat spotlight pleads stop return apartment find window shattered flee Croc’s However already subdued gang final attempt escape nearby bridge While screaming through tears inexplicably finds himself laughing unable wait being provoked Batman’s tauntings chin As fight dying laments how disease old mankind all while falling off It’s presumed defeated afterwards taken into custody actions Damned sequel found been fatally injured during clash plunging water below when dies loss re-emerges under manically scene mentions genesis character Joke walks crying fighting watching Monty’s last moments pleasure photo gallery incarnation bears striking resemblance Heath Ledger’s Dark Knight novel’s author Brian Azzarello stated actually designed earlier states filmmakers inspired drawings had released Internet before filming started only confirmed rapist Many fans felt out Comics Alfred Stryker Alice Amanda Waller Amygdala Anarky An Innocent Guy Arnold John Flass Azrael Baby Doll Bane Barbatos Who Laughs Black Glove Mask Blockbuster II Brain Broker Brother EYE Calculator Calendar Man Captain Fear Carmine Falcone Catman Catwoman Circus Strange Clayface Claything Clock King Clownface Club Cluemaster Commissioner Loeb Composite Superman Condiment Copperhead Cornelius Stirk Court Owls Crazy Quilt Doctor Curtis Base Archer David Cain Knights Deacon 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