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Get it Done Nichole Rets SEO Best Practices for Canonical URLs the Rel Tag Whiteboard Friday July Posted by randfish If you’ve ever had any questions about canonical tag well have we got you In today’s episode Rand defines what rel means and its intended purpose when it’s recommended use how to sticky situations avoid Click on whiteboard image above open a high-resolution version in new tab Video Transcription Howdy Moz fans welcome another edition of This week we’re going chat some best practices canonicalization Before do that I think pays talk URL is because doesn’t just refer page upon which are targeting or using Canonicalization has been around fact much longer than itself came out there bunch different things What So first off trying say this one want Google other search engines index rank These potentially similar content serving perhaps exact duplicates but reason additional them those ones should all tell No no guy over here example I’ve ABC com Then duplicate Maybe historical artifact problem my site architecture intentionally did I’m doing sort tracking testing purposes But at b ref twitter What’s Well that’s parameter The change exactly same as A really don’t get confused can happen way You’ll see not original weird ranking sometimes Sometimes gets more links they’re shared Twitter so everybody picked up copied pasted linked That’s fine long canonicalize Or print It’s aprint html these cases Don’t Index link href telling You put header document will know Aha copy clone signals make sure ranks By be self-referential perfectly go ahead pointing That event someone never even met decides plug question mark point you’re still Hey guess Great since process great FYI used cross-domain if republish something like Medium RandFish account Now crawls website they Pretty darn cool Different ways multiple There mention isn’t only most strongly why putting number apply also not-recommended discuss redirect basically status code take It was mistake anyone visiting clogging web analytics with visit data Let’s old right Passive parameters console Some parts me very complex websites tons ton an incredible pain your dev team clean need add kinds pages here’s Here’s logic They’re Yeah priority us next six months deal Probably lots SEOs heard from their teams end short term Log connected Make verified through Search Parameters section certain passive sessionid blah set types helps Whenever treat exist helpful Use location hashes let’s goal slight difference block subsection topic place top pens B puts toward bottom whiteboards themselves intent behind thing hash jump called fragment specific jobs listings job Instead reading work directly list considers differently They indexed essentially canonicalized NOT RECOMMENDED recommend Blocking crawling Because Even robots txt Googlebot’s spider send away can’t reach said disallow How could crawl anything invisible Therefore they’ll idea engagement whatever might helped better now yes combine forces give rankings ability would blocking indexation Ah I’ll meta won’t allow Guess Same unless smart enough automatically trust always yourself again preventing combining into x permanent likely successful though We often s similarly exception rule probably Canonicalize non-canonical Oh okay anymore We’ll lose gone sad terrible either time error problems having maintain Fine real people visited save When Last least versus extremely case two collapse single II nearly searcher KW targets vary somewhat maybe completely unique meaning phrasing sentence structures does mean shouldn’t For replace Why access originally definitely up-to-date watching slightly reasonable aim keyword versions piece good many keywords related rather splitting equity signal across target variations Plus butt come served III republishing refreshing updating Like exceptions you’d version’s a-old publish created generally preserve IV product etc available there’s near match expiring solve searcher’s looking anyway usually where nothing both searchers redirected Okay folks Look forward canonicals general And we’ll Take care transcription Speechpad Sign Top semimonthly mailer ten hottest pieces news tips rad uncovered Think exclusive digest stuff hunt down read Unknown AM Email BlogThis Share Facebook Pinterest comments Post Comment Newer Older Home Subscribe Comments Atom About Me View complete profile My Profiles Youtube Weebly Tumbler Pocket Gravatar Evernote Disqus Diigo Delicious Buffer Bitly MY YouTube Simple theme Powered Blogger