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Avent Natural Newborn Nipple -pack Ask a Question SCF Other Options Out of Stock Slow Flow Medium Fast In Discontinued Email Me When Available Add to Registry Favorites Reviews Write Review Summary Recommend this product responses nbsp By Vivlet Columbus OH Leaking January I was very happy with the design nipple and bottle However no matter how many times adjust lining up two notches as much possible it still leaks around while feeding my baby This is upsetting am strictly pumping do not produce enough be wasting precious breast milk review collected by manufacturer Momof kids Ohio Leaks August Tried plenty They all leak Horrible really wish old model available for purchase For lack better word These new nipples suck Zettamacs undisclosed May My daughter loves obsolete but badly I’ve thrown out sets leaking returned another without bothering try just had set gifted me decided give these ones well The made more rigid material seems seal in ring Every single tried You should pull off market revert back one don’t know you can stay competitive so options when are producing such sub-standard quality assume saved ton cost on or have R amp D sunk into that can’t justify reverting now scour internet looking s from third-party sellers hoard keep fed Amanda only been using about month almost weeks they horribly sound top where meets Some worse than others bottles becoming extremely frustrated coming realization may need replace It’s shame too because likes mess would love suggestions at resolving problem before attempting find pghruth Pittsburgh PA received sample testing WeeSpring Parent Panel preemie who currently She early haven’t noticed big difference sizes alleviated her gas large burps after eating however she has trouble different size Youplusmex Pennsauken nj Philip avent natural get upset during time couldn’t figure why knew hungry could see sucking furiously But yet kept crying After doing some research Google learned matters flow will cause cranky won’t getting its fast feel like Niagara Falls your Philips offers meet every baby’s needs offer latch similar features unique comfort petals easier transfer forth also feature an advanced anti-colic valve Our never any tummy issues highly recommend trying brand took Thank weeSpring sending Banksaj parent exclusively breastfeeding week until through wee Spring needed start used return work months We pumped breastmilk once day does Bottles Baby immediately didn’t seem vent effective we since starting wide breast-shaped other brands good isn’t having both bottlefeeding It nice feedings So far Size First prefer right little Will definitely graduate ready providing jevansmomof Houston Love over he breastfed difficult go grocery store him started absolutely did amazing He entire spit let able eat member mommymd Excellent mother newborn perfect helps control aggressive feeder gets which important helping prevent spit-ups style first few sometimes push believe spiral make flexible gassy despite plan continue use them mclengerman St Louis MO Less Mess Gas Stress Wee Spring’s program I’m mom year recently gave birth our secone With struggled several supplement those Agent son concerned ability effectively breastfeed signed Avent’s disliked entirely especially stages there constantly expressed mouth incredibly frustrating mommas understand hesitant even less confident surprise issue latching And went ease shocked best part episodes huge seemed their excited concerns intermittently Picking mostly supplementation SO HARD choice NOT disappointed ErinB Jacksonville Fl Perfect As idea oldest child hard taking then eventually got older preferred faster negatively effected supply Thanks easy going KTS Long Island NY Really wanted clean keeping making loud noise quiet content babies choke quicker FYI aspect opportunity Rainbow Ballwin Great always planning thought proved wrong together Soothie pacifier brush microwaveable sterilizer must say were arrived realized products mentioned above 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wracking come Thankfully wonderfully trapped awesome last comparison you’re debating whether confidence Product Bonnie Athens GA preventing FTM law school classes needless worried accepting he’d consistently answer million Anyways ended god From man dad ZERO hours cried reason soft venting comic said Brest maybe HCmama Bremerton WA Didn’t terrible eater fact wouldn’t call tube planet kid All wants true preference similarly resemble efficiently horrible end guy usual personally On hand Rosie introduced i awful choked dribbling drink switches between tends Can’t MissP mimick marketed mimicking softness sturdy softer spots edge Also guides spiraling helix twist express firstborn tongue tied latches inhale lip tie lips flange outwards create optimal suction insert multiple probably refused scared happen tiring enables family members enjoy Dana Westchester spare event drop floor takes discomfort BrittanyS Texas disappeared completely RachelJM Massillon journey rocky lbs oz falsely assumed nursing Not interested sleeping properly His so-so add easier—not average nurse directly appreciate nipples’ mimics more-breast rush move behind success spitting initially Advent limited bottle’s cleaning quick AllieE Wisconsin Like working six primarily nurses instant gratification nicely letting satisfied kate Bethesda boy three NICU days include supplementing returning requires necessary practice latched onto fits anti covers age range therefore KLaMont Fox Lake IL Quality Brand items familiar they’ve done infant We’ve lot improvement registering aoladipo oakland excessive BSimmons Seattle due Previously narrow wider ‘natural’ accepts readily nzigray Gillette WY feedback Jessica Orleans LA Background- wks today free purchased m accepted tries sooner perhaps Pros Air-flex fine Wide flows level Cons collapse human sink personal quirk overly milk-flow experienced bfranco Leesburg FL Only Happily Take trendy package protection types storage travel woman’s packaging states texture agree BPA third super break nipples- Dr Browns Nuk results resulted liquid gold knows painful watch wasted nothing corners aka- gives stops burp pediatrician bubbles fussiness afterward hardly credit One thing aren’t apart wash consuming sterilize put reassemble compared Overall MontanaMom MISSOULA MT Introductory introductory problems whatsoever starts moves quickly letdown stage sounds identical breastfeeds View Answer questions answers Features combine feedingComfort flexibleNipple promotes motionsTwin valves comfortableDurable silicone odorless Description newborn-flow nipple’s rounded encourages peristaltic Twin babies’ tummies digesting reducing durable petal prevents collapsing feeds Albee Rewards Program Redeem Points points cash orders Earn Up Purchases Spent Approved pts approved Referring Your Friends friends order Login Register account Receive Exclusive Offers Promotions Home Help Account Cart Privacy Policy Do Sell Personal Information Copyright copy Rights Reserved Welcome Log 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