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You ve Come a Long Way Linux-Baby LinuxInsider Get the ECT News Network Editor’s Pick Newsletter raquo View Sample Subscribe Welcome Guest Sign In E-BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY CRM LINUX ECTNEWS COM Linux Information From Around World Business Community Developers Enterprise Mobile Reviews Software Tech Blog Most Popular Newsletters Alerts LinuxInsiderCommunity Next Article in OPINION By Jonathan Terrasi November AM PT Email Earn Your M S Cybersecurity At University of San Diego we are preparing cybersecurity experts to enter or progress within field Whether you hands-on engineer an operations and leadership professional will meet where you’re at take next level Apply by Dec Start Jan Request More Info Today When first emerged from its cocoon frenzied Usenet thread it is doubtful that almost anyone imagined project would ascend global prominence Even more astonishingly dominance was driven as much if not adoption private sector although posed antithesis business model any other notable traits It precisely because road obscure curiosity corporate mainstay so unlikely pays appreciate how got today Here s look far has come over -plus years tech titans helped get there Beginning Was Kernel On off chance reading in-depth column on doesn t know about genesis following brief review early Finnish university student Linus Torvalds set out create clone pedagogical Unix-like system called MINIX What started modest effort pursue his educational goals quickly attracted attention denizens Internet forum They were only excited their hands creation but also eager pitch make work for widest community users possible That when threw open doors with trusted lieutenants standing front them bouncers code contributions GNU which woefully behind Hurd kernel saw burst onto scene two projects soon entered symbiotic relationship As who had amount experience knows development team across all continuity produce installation-ready operating systems Rather these spring up pluralistic ecosystem 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views p columnist His main interests computer particularly encryption analysis politics current affairs He full-time freelance writer musician background includes providing technical commentaries analyses articles published Chicago Committee Defend Bill Rights Permission License Reproduce Order Reprints Leave Comment Click here cancel reply Please post comment New account Activate Search Archives Inc Create your news alerts view Came Live-Boot A True Horror Story AdGuard Home Brick Ad-Blocking Wall Digital Security Is Easy PGP Case Against Full-Disk Encryption Router Obstacle-Strewn Route Digging Bitcoin Labor Love How Conquer Fear Arch Where Went Going Overcoming Terror Changing Up Distro Groups Merge Better High-Tech Traction Jobs Report Shows Openings Fewer Takers Amazon Commit Foundation Climate Finance Lack Qualified Talent Impedes Move Clouds OpenEEW Formed Expedite Earthquake Warning Systems Initiative Consolidates Goals First-Ever Virtual Summit Offers Discount-Priced Cloud Engineer Bootcamp Joins Ranks International Standards Submitters Leads Trust plan COVID- vaccine becomes vaccinated overall effectiveness proven wait groups population harmful effects find improved vaccines batch distributed public nbsp Loading At-Home Workouts Reshape Fitness IndustryThe Pandemic’s Effect Gift Giving E-Commerce Ready Firms Support Huawei Restriction Balk CostRural America FrontierThe Strive Survive Holiday Shopping Season Pros Cons Dedicated AccessHigh-Tech With Activ No Gym ProblemSkills Shortage Rains AdvancesA Momentous Week VendorsAI’s Potential Manage Supply Chain AvidXchange SVP Heather Caudill Quest Ensure Customer LoyaltyI Might DifferWhy Hasn’t Taken Over CRM’s COVID OpportunityWhat’s Old Again Defies Conflicts Interest Tells AllNewest RoboLinux Update Goes Beyond Typical LinuxOpen Processes Driving Software-Defined EverythingLenovo Expands Linux-Ready Computer LineNew MakuluLinux Puts Shift Computing Routine Channels https c w h d rocketcdn me wp-content 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