Hace poco me compre el GTA V, Al iniciar el juego me dice que debo introducir el codigo de activacion de social club, yo no tenia el codigo ni sabia nada de que habia que poner un codigo, escribi al soporte de steam para ver si me podian explicar donde me enviaban dicho codigo o donde lo podia ver para poder introducirlo, ellos me respondieron que el codigo me lo dieron en el momento de la compra pero no me lo dieron o no lo vi por estar distraido, mi pregunta es donde lo puedo ver de nuevo o… – hoppediz vs didymos/girasol/kokadi – BabyCenter

hello all!
i’d love to get some opinions on hoppediz as a brand. i’m in germany, so i’m specifically looking into getting a woven wrap here (which is why i’m looking at german brands) and hoppediz is about half the price as didymos/girasol/kokadi. 
obviously half the price is appealing, but i don’t want to sacrifice quality. i’ve heard so many good things from people about the didys, etc… opinions? advice?
this is my first woven, and i’d really like to get one that will last through infancy to toddlerhood – he’s almost 3 months now and WAY too big for his moby. 
thanks in advance! – Mamia nappies – aldi vs pampers debate – BabyCenter

I decided to cash my bounty & Emma’s diary mum to be vouchers today
In both packs there were samples of new born nappies from mamia aldi it said on the packet they had won awards
I was wondering who had used them, what you thought of them?
First time mums will you be giving the mamia ones a whirl or stick with pampers?
What is the price difference between mamia & pampers? I have no idea how much nappies cost, think I’ll have a quick look online
🙂 – Baby born under 500 grams? – BabyCenter

Does anyone have a baby born under 500 grams who survived? My baby girl is estimated to weigh only 342 grams, and has only increased by 12 grams in the last week and a half. She’s 24w5d. Dr now is hoping she can hang on till she hits 400-450 grams. That’s only 1lb…
Good news is that her fluids went from around 2 to over 14 and her Echogenic bowel is gone! Doppler looked good too now! She’s just not growing.